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Aug 26

Fashion Reportage for Avenue photographed by Paul Huf, London 1966.

Fashion Reportage for Avenue photographed by Paul Huf, London 1966.

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Aug 24

"Lonely Birthday",Vogue Girl Korea, March 2006(via misswallflower)


"Lonely Birthday",Vogue Girl Korea, March 2006

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Aug 21


Carissa Gallo

Color Studies: Pink


Aug 20

Aug 19


Feather Child by Lucy Glenlendinning.

This art work is inspired by her fascination with a future society. The feathered children are questions, where the artist is asking us if we lived in a world where our genetics could be freely manipulated, will be able to resist altering our physical abilities?

The fragility of the feathers also represents the fate of Icarus in Greek mythology, where Icarus flew too close to the sun and burned to a crisp. How far can humanity progress before everything falls apart?

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i want this tan


i want this tan

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Aug 16


Finding a Creative Complement with @wadejeffree and @letasobierajski

To see more imaginative portraits from Leta and Wade, follow @letasobierajski and @wadejeffree on Instagram.

“Usually we send each other ideas, sketches and imagery throughout the week leading up to our shoot,” says Leta Sobierajski (@letasobierajski), who collaborates with partner Wade Jeffree (@wadejeffree) on Complements, a weekly series of unconventional portraits. “We’re inspired both by hilarious couple photography from the Internet and beautiful imagery from couples in history.”

Wade, a graphic designer, and Leta, an art director, shoot the photos in their Brooklyn apartment. “We wanted to collaborate,” explains Wade, “but the opportunity hadn’t arisen.” So the duo decided to explore their creativity—and relationship—through collaborative portraits. “The portraiture often becomes surreal, funny and romantic,” says Leta, “and it helps depict our personalities and the way we think together.”

Aug 10


realistic paintings by the great alyssa monks | on tumblr


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